11 April - 14 April 2003

The Great Plains

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Badly cupped rear tire, due to strong lateral wind.
The view in Oklahoma, west of Alva. The terrain is gently rolling, but looks desolate.
The terrain is a rich red, orange colour. I like it.
Following the yellow brick (dividing line) road across Kansas. Notice how flat it is.
A red escarpment somewhere in Kansas before the town of Meade.
The Big Basin. This is a depression more than a km wide. It's completely desolate here, but up the road is a well with water.
The room in the Dalton brother's house in Meade. The ghost image is a reflection of the flash in the glass in front of the room.
Stagecoaches at the museum of the Dalton brother's.
The Dalton brother's hideout. It's quite small and under it is a tunnel that leads to where the horses were kept.
The Yellow Brick road and Dorothy's house. Or at least a replica.
Why Dorothy's house exists in Liberal, Kansas.

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